Revenue leaders are looking for ways to achieve critical metrics around four universal objectives –  volumevaluevelocity and revenue performance. Research shows that as many as 70% are not meeting their revenue objectives . This may be  due to a combination of misaligned metrics, but also from weaknesses in critical aspects of buyer engagement practices.

Executing effective full-funnel buyer engagement is the critical element in campaign and program performance and typically there are quick wins that can  accelerate performance.

The Buyer Engagement Index is an accelerated approach to assess review Buyer Engagement best practices and identify quick wins and sustainable improvements.

  • Do you really understand your audience? A deep understanding and isolation of each buyer segment, personas, pain points and buyer journeys helps drive the efficiency and effectiveness of revenue programs.
  • Are you crafting the messaging narrative? By understanding buyer pain points, you can build message maps that better engage individual buyers at each stage of their buying process.
  • Do you have the right go-to-market campaign architecture? There is a lot of hype around Inbound Marketing, Account-Based Marketing and Content Marketing. While these are all great tactics for the right segments, an effective buyer engagement strategy aligns the campaign archetype with the specific audience and buyer engagement strategy.
  • Do you have the right Revenue Systems foundation? A solid platform entails the right brand identity, collateral, website and digital channels as well as the right marketing automation and sales technology to engage buyers and accounts effectively.
  • Are you effectively producing, executing and optimizing campaigns and programs? The right strategy is vital, but when the rubber meets the road, campaigns need to be designed in detail and produced and deployed across media types and channels and execution must be well orchestrated across marketing and sales.
  • Are Sales and Marketing teams collaborating to engage buyers? Most marketing and sales campaigns and programs involve a range of plays and buyer nurture that is not represented in a linear funnel. Marketing and sales need to coordinate campaigns and programs with an eye toward permission marketing and equitable exchange of value with your prospects.

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