Full-Funnel Buyer Engagement

Revenue Architects is a consulting agency working at the intersections of marketing, sales and technology. Our Revenue Architecture Methodology helps companies build marketing and sales capabilities to orchestrate digital and human buyer engagement and achieve more accelerated, predictable and sustainable revenue growth.

Our Offerings

We specialize in architecting sales and marketing solutions and executing buyer engagement campaigns and programs to accelerate revenue growth. Our services include marketing and sales diagnostics, revenue growth strategy and full-funnel agency services.

  • Consulting (projects)
  • Agency Services (retainers)
  • Solutions
    • Revenue Technology Consulting and Services for Marketing Automation and CRM
    • Expertise in SharpSpring, HubSpot, Pardot and other Platforms (SharpSpring Agency)
    • Websites (WordPress Websites)
    • Technology Solutions and integration, data management, CRM,Marketing Automation)
  • CRO / CEO Advisory, Methodology Training & Coaching (Revenue Architecture Process)

Our Clients

Our clients range from small businesses to enterprise clients. We work primarily with businesses who market and sell high-consideration products and services where the integration and alignment across marketing and selling is vital. We bring particular expertise in B2B software and solutions, professional services, and wealth management.

Our Culture

We work at the forefront of modern, integrated marketing, sales and PR and we embrace a flexible, collaborative, independent and life-compatible work environment. Our members include employees and independent professionals who operate virtually as part of the Revenue Architects “Core Team” or “Network”. 

Core Team Members

  • Work day-to-day on client assignments
  • May lead client assignments
  • Are staffed first on assignments
  • Often participate in sales and client management
  • Actively operate and promote the Revenue Architects brand 
  • Carry the Revenue Architects business Card
  • Maintain Revenue Architects as an active role on LinkedIn Profiles
  • May be structured as Contractors/ 1099 or W2 
  • Agree individual projects and fees

Network Team Members

  • Provide specialist consulting skills
  • Are Independent contractors / 1099
  • Staffed to complete a composite team
  • Operate within the Revenue Architects client service delivery approach
  • Agree individual projects and fees

Member Benefits

We have built a company, operating model and culture with the professional consultant in mind. The member model is a healthy structure for mutual value and a “tour of duty” approach to engagement. 

Members can take  advantage of a distinctive brand proposition and a collaborative platform and tools set for selling and delivering consulting and agency services, including:

  • Brand and business structure; LLC / S Corp
  • Revenue Architects thought leadership
  • Best practices and differentiated methodology, frameworks, tools
  • Brand platform including websites and social media presence
  • Tools for project time tracking, invoicing, payroll (e.g. Basecamp, Freshbooks, Gusto)
  • SharpSPring Agency and CRM and Marketing Automation platform
  • Google G-Suite Infrastructure / Google Drive / Gmail / Calendar, etc.
  • Commercial management , invoicing, cash flow and collection risk management, accounting, timekeeping, payroll etc.
  • Collaboration, support and coaching for sales and delivery
  • Compensation incentives for sales
  • Flexible, virtual working and colleague collaboration 
  • Business operating model, process, procedures and standards


  • Compensation is a combination of consulting project delivery and sales bonus as applicable
  • Projects are sold at margins that provide for both business operations and sales incentive compensation
  • Individual internal and external hourly rates (aligned by role) are pre-agreed for planning purposes
  • Each assignment and budget of hours or fees are agreed individually
  • Sales bonuses are paid based on realized margin and on team sales attribution percentages
  • Out-of-pocket expenses are pre-approved and reimbursed at cost

Joining & Onboarding Process

The typical onboarding process is as follows:

  1. Mutual alignment around fit and interest
    1. Alignment around roles, experience, expertise and background 
    2. Determination of positioning (core vs network team)
    3. Agree standard ‘planning’ internal and external billing rate
  2. Sign agreement / subcontractor agreement
  3. Onboard payment structure (e.g. W9 info, bank info) 
  4. Complete a tailored onboarding checklist, as appropriate e.g., where applicable:
    • eMail Setup
    • GSuite
    • Business Cards
    • Freshbooks & Gusto
    • Basecamp
    • SharpSpring
    • LinkedIn Profile
    • Methodology Training & Review
  5. Develop personalized go-to-market plan (delivery objectives and sales focus) e.g.:
    • Target clients (verticals, size, relationships)
    • Functional expertise, interests and focus
    • Value propositions/ offerings
    • Marketing programs