Bank Marketing and a 360 Degree Customer Focus

Banks are rethinking their traditionally product centric model and transforming to a customer engagement model. Practices from other industries can offer guidance in delivering to the needs of today’s more media-savvy customer.  Many banks need to reestablish their long standing leadership in trust and loyalty following the financial crisis. The leaders are building a more intimate, trusted relationship with their customers. Elements include:

  • Enhancing analytics to provide a 360-degree view of the customer and profitability
  • Enhancing the platform for customer engagement to be more nimble and responsive to the new media / social media environment
  • Engage customers where they are with omni channel distribution
  • Align the organization across marketing, sales, finance, HR and Technology, placing the customer first

A successful model should take a holistic view and tackle revenue generation as a balanced effort across each part of the marketing and sales funnel.

Recent Services Focus

  • Strategy,  planning and program management
  • Marketing automation and ESP selection
  • CRM selection and Deployment
  • Positioning and value propositions
  • Branding and content collateral
  • Content marketing programs
  • Social media engagement
  • Wealth management marketing
  • Sales effectiveness.

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