Predictable and sustainable revenue growth are primary drivers for shareholder value. The goal is simple – generate more top-of-the-funnel leads and close more sales. Yet as market and competitive conditions change, even successful companies will face disruptions up and down the marketing and sales funnel.

Effective buyer engagement requires a full-funnel approach that aligns marketing and sales around the buyer journey using an optimal mix of digital and physical channels.

The Continuum illustrates how a businesses adjust their model along a continuum in pursuit of increased margin or scale. At one end is standard products with high scale and typically lower margins, and at the other is expert consultants with high margin/ lower scale.

As a business shifts left or shifts right along this continuum, their underlying revenue architecture – the building blocks of sales and marketing –  must change as well. We help you build a Revenue Architecture that is aligned with your business model.

Business Architecture Continuum

Revenue Architecture

Revenue Architecture is an adaptive execution process for achieving accelerated, sustainable and predictable revenue growth. Align your revenue strategy, revenue systems and revenue programs with your business model.

“The Revenue Architecture approach helps us refine our messaging and clarify our go-to-market strategy and run campaigns that drive more leads and closed business.”


“Revenue Architects helped design our marketing and sales process and is our partner for revenue growth. They maintain our digital and brand presence and technology and execute our content marketing and webinars and lead gen campaigns.”

“We experienced great results for our NetApp and Cisco marketing strategies, significantly enhancing our communication objectives and revenue streams. Excellent responsiveness from Revenue Architects team.”

“It’s great to see your [B2B Content] work again. Refreshing. Well done! We appreciate how you have incorporated our content marketing approach with the Revenue Architecture process.”