B2B Marketing and Sales Solutions

Predictable and sustainable revenue growth are primary drivers for shareholder value. The goal is simple – generate more top-of-the-funnel leads and close more deals. Yet as market and competitive conditions change, even successful companies will face disruptions up and down the marketing and sales funnel.

  • Too small a percentage of the addressable market is aware of us
  • It is unclear which segments to prioritize and what messages to deliver
  • Leads fall out of the funnel
  • Too much time is spent working on the wrong leads
  • Close rates are too low for qualified opportunities
  • Opportunities for upsell/cross-sell are missed
  • Retention and referral rates are too low

B2B companies need to deliver better digital experiences and the right mix of go-to-market strategies aligned with buyer journeys. Inbound and ABM don’t work for all buyer segments. Effective buyer engagement requires a full-funnel approach that aligns marketing and sales around the buyer journey using an optimal mix of digital and human experiences.