Tuesday, Aug 10, 2010
06:30 PM – 09:00 PM Eastern

This session was facilitated by John Stone and Nan Hill.

Today’s businesses can achieve a smarter relationship management strategy by embracing new media and effective web presence. However, without a well-defined blueprint, these strategies may fail to deliver the impact envisioned. In this workshop, we explore the rationale for a strong web presence including social media, content and inbound marketing and also discuss practical steps businesses can take to build a Revenue Architecture Blueprint in digital media. Topics that will be covered are:

  • How is social media and web presence changing the sales and marketing model?
  • How should businesses use social media and content marketing to build relationships?
  • What are the critical dimensions of the new revenue architecture?
  • How can you design a revenue architecture that is tailored to your business?

Here is the Slideshare from the event:

The New Revenue Engine In The Age Of Digital Marketing
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