Schwab is investing millions of dollars in the RIA Stands for You online campaign.  It is an opportunity for clients of Schwab Advisor Services to put the marketing muscle of Schwab to work for their own firms.

By focusing the campaign online, Schwab is validating the power and growing importance of digital and social media channels and marketing programs to attract new clients and referrals. The beauty of the web: it is measurable and trackable.

One of the major challenges of attracting the attention of prospects online is fresh content.  And Schwab is providing a great deal of this (educational documents, logo, videos and more), for RIAs to customize and integrate to enhance their own online marketing efforts.  Plus there is a dedicated website and a social media presence.

Here are some Starting Tips to get started! 

1.)  Referral Campaign:

  • Develop an email to clients that can be easily shared as a passive referral
  • The content of the email could be a shortened version of Schwab’s “Five Key Benefits of Independent Registered Advisors” with link to longer version on your website.
  • Be sure you have a “contact us” widget on the web page to capture contact information of prospects wanting to know more.

2.)  Website Call to Action:

  • Add a “learn more” widget with the RIASFY logo on your website.
  • The Widget could link to a dedicated page on your own site featuring RIASFY content along with links to the Schwab site and media articles
  • Include a call to action on the dedicated page!

3.)  Optimize with SEO

  • Add RIASFY key words to your web page(s) for search visibility
  • Focus on H1 and H2 tags

4.)  Tweet and Post

  • Broadcast RIASFY content with some Twitter updates and Facebook page updates
  • Link back relevant content on your site.

5.)  eMail your Prospect Database

  • Develop an email campaign for prospective clients integrating the RIASFY logo, messaging as part of your brand positioning.


*Note: Before you execute these tips, be sure that you have established:

  • Your target segments and ideal client profiles/personas
  • Your clear positioning – value proposition and messaging — against these audience segments
  • The right systems to deliver your messages professionally (e.g., branding, web/social media presence including LinkedIn profile, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.)


Learn more about how we can help you with the campaign and general marketing needs. Schedule your 1/2 hour complimentary consultation here!



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