We define Revenue Systems as the foundation for sustainable revenue execution. Revenue Systems include brand, people, process, and technology that enable marketing and sales. These core capabilities help attract, capture, deepen and expand relationships. Assuming the right strategies are in place, your revenue system provides the platform you need to execute marketing and sales programs and achieve marketing and sales performance metrics.

Some B2B organizations still view marketing and sales as distinct organizations with different skills, and requiring different technologies and processes. While there are distinctions in the role of marketing and sales, today’s buyer lifecycle experience is fluid and must drive the marketing and sales process.  Leading businesses recognize that in order to attract and engage these self-directed buyers, marketing and sales teams need integrated branding, technologies and processes.  With a Revenue Systems approach, leaders can architect an integrated platform and manage continuous and non-linear buyer journeys.

Revenue Systems are part of an overall Revenue Architecture that include dimensions for sustainable revenue performance. Revenue Systems represent 4 of these:

1. Brand Impact – The ability to communicate brand positioning and visual communications across channels.

2. Great People – Ensuring you attract and engage the right talent to manage the end-to-end customer lifecycle.

3. Integrated Processes – Engaging marketing and sales across the customer lifecycle and ensuring a continuous customer experience.

4. Technology Platform – Building a marketing and sales technology stack that includes the right marketing automation, salesforce automation, data management and business intelligence/ analytics tools.

Build your Revenue System.

Assess how well you are doing in these four dimensions. Identify what’s working, what’s not and your areas of inefficiencies.  We offer a revenue architecture diagnostic as a facilitated workshop. (Learn more.)




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