We are excited by the up-coming launch of Revenue Grader, our new application for business leaders.

Inspired in part by Hubspot’s Grader apps, Revenue Grader is a management-level diagnostic tool to rapidly assess revenue performance potential and develop a prioritized top level plan – in minutes.

Revenue Grader is different from other grader apps in that it takes a broad and strategic view of the critical elements of revenue performance. It works across the three dimensions we focus on at Revenue Architects: strategy, systems and programs. For example, after completing the Revenue Grader an executive can clearly identify priorities. These priorities could range widely from developing market segmentation and crafting better value propositions to deploying marketing automation and enhancing sales team skills. We hope the Revenue Grader will be both a valuable tool for business leaders and a permission marketing asset for Revenue Architects.

Pre-beta Screen Shot of the Revenue Grader

How does it work?

After a user registers, they are provided access to a very easy to use diagnostic tool. They can rate their maturity on key factors using a scale of 1-5. For each maturity factor, they can choose to “add to plan” and indicate the level of priority.  In about 20 minutes, they will have a prioritized top-level plan indicating the items that are “must do”, “should do” and “could do”. From there, they can translate that into an action timeline.

Key features:

  • 100 Revenue Performance Factors broken down into 30 Revenue Strategy, 40 Revenue Systems and 30 Revenue Programs questions
  • 1-5 capability maturity scoring system
  • ability to quickly “add to plan”
  • ability to indicate the priority of the item “must”, “should”, “could”
  • variable question points reflecting the greater impact of key elements
  • scoring by section and overall percentile
  • ability to compare scores to peer groups
  • print or view the report and sort by maturity and priority


 Launching soon

The app is scheduled for a test release within the next few weeks so keep an eye out for the Revenue Grader!  We are still finalizing our 100 “Revenue Success Factors” so feel free to send your ideas our way and we will give you credit for the insight!

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