I wrote a few weeks ago about strategic outsourcing and technology rationalization. Today, I am sharing some further views on successful technology portfolio assessment and a transformation strategy to Second Circle Technology ™. As the economic downturn continues we are seeing and increasing number of companies looking at cost reduction through application portfolio transformation. Application […]

I thought about some of the interesting work we are doing with innovators and decided to dust off and update this article that I originally wrote in 2003. Not surprisingly, basic opportunities and concepts have not changed too much so I decided to re-publish it with a few updates. What HAS changed? Certainly the jargon […]

With this economic turmoil in the last month, I am seeing a dramatic shift in focus from building and growth to efficiency and cost reduction. These times are similar periods in each of the last three decade when we faced similar challenges. I thought about which strategies to dust off and use now to help deal […]

I enjoyed a trip to Philadelphia last week to attend the ITEC Conference . I spoke at two sessions on Thursday, here is a summary. Session 1 Second Circle Web 2.0 and New Marketing Metcalf’s Law – The value of a network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users We are […]