To illustrate the power of modern marketing concepts, we deployed a Magic Card Trick on our website. The card trick takes advantage of the SharpSpring marketing automation platform that we work with (along with HubSpot, Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot and others)  to help our clients deliver modern marketing.

When your clients and prospects visit your website,  you can send them highly relevant information based entirely on the pages they visit. This is accomplished with the power of tracking and automation.  You can identify the visitor specifically, then track visits to specific pages. No forms are needed if you have engaged using their email prior to the experience.

You can develop an automation task that sends the client prospect an email, with the specific information related to their website visits.

Why care?
It’s not about Constant Contact it’s about Relevant Contact.

  • Generic emails can be viewed as spam.
  • Communicate on a near one-to-one basis by knowing exactly what your customers want without asking.
  • Notify sales-people instantly when a lead or customer does something interesting.
  • Convert more leads to sales.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic email content is a powerful way to provide tailored, timely and useful information to each of your leads. It saves the time and effort of creating dozens of similar emails to tailor your messaging. Instead you can use one email and custom content merge variables to insert the most relevant information for your lead.

Here are just some of the possibilities available when using Dynamic Email Content:

  • Shopping cart abandonment to show everything left in the cart
  • For multi-location businesses, changing headers for different offices
  • Different service offerings based on lead demographics and  previous behavior
  • Informational content based on different topics of interest.