Judy Gern, Revenue Architects Senior Client Partner, recently published this article in EContent,  a leading authority on the businesses of digital publishing, media, and marketing.

Here is an excerpt (click the image below to launch the full article)

“If you’re considering adding online display advertising to your media mix, your first impressions may be one of confusing three-letter acronyms and an overwhelming number of vendors and technologies. So how do you make sense of this complex market and identify the right approach for your marketing goals?

First of all, consider your brand, your audience, and your key performance indicators. How important is it to have your brand appear only on the highest-quality publisher sites? How does audience targeting come into play for you? Are you trying to reach a specific demographic, or are behaviors and interests more important? And finally, how will you measure success: purchases, sign-ups/leads, or classic branding metrics such as awareness and purchase intent?”


eContent Magazine

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