HNW Investors are Social

For financial advisors, social media represents a powerful addition to traditional marketing. Indeed high net worth investors are active on social media and expect their advisors to be also.  To wit,

  1. 87% use social media
  2. 52% of investors want to connect with advisors on LinkedIn
  3. 50% of high-net-worth investors want market, trend, and product information via social media

social media for financial advisors

Impact of Effective Financial Advisor Social Media

Effective use of social media will enable you to profitably

  • Improve the effectiveness of your referral network
  • Cultivate client prospects with highly relevant content
  • Build brand identity, center of influence (COI)
  • Enhance current client relationships
  • Expand professional knowledge
  • Be more visible in today’s social search

Four Steps to Enhance Your Social Impact

1) Select the Right Social Networks

Step one is to select the right social networks to engage your audience and expand reach and influence with social media.

Social Media for Financial Advisors

2) Curate and Share Content + Active #Comments

You don’t need to do everything at once, an effective social media presence is better built out in degrees.  Perhaps you already have a basic LinkedIn presence then, for example, you could build on that with a company page and develop a Twitter presence.  If you’re just starting, LinkedIn should be your first priority.  Here are some different degrees of social media presence — Basic, Leading, Advanced — that can serve as a guide.

Degrees of Social Media Presence


  • LinkedIn: Create professional profile that demonstrate credentials, invite clients to link with you, publish updates to your activity feed. Create a Company Page and a website widget – email contacts and invite them to follow (and tell them why)Follow-for-Updates


  • LinkedIn: Get to know your clients better and whom your clients know as potential prospects/referrals.  Weave in posts/activities that bring audience back to content (e.g., your blog and FAQ page) on your website.
  • Facebook: Create personal profile and invite clients to friend you.  Also create a FB business page to build brand personality.
  • Twitter: Create profile and follow your clients’ profiles, re-tweet, support, etc.  Build followers/influence with expert tweets that bring audience back to your site and re-tweet influencer/CIO tweets


  • LinkedIn: Join and comment in LinkedIn Groups to gain SEO, recognition and potential leads.                             
  • Twitter: Use clickable hashtags (including #RIAS4U for Schwab RIAs) on Twitter to engage in discussions,  build connections and engage with new followers.
    Twitter Hashtag
  • YouTube: Create a YouTube Channel of informative/educational content, embed in your website, share link on LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Google+: Create profile, publish and building a following. Enhance search visibility

 Note for Schwab RIAs, use RIA Stands for You campaign brochures, website content and #RIAS4U to connect and gain a halo effect from the broader advertising campaign.

 3) Mix Charitable and Lifestyle Content

  • Socialware: “Lifestyle content drives 3X more engagement than financial content”  Charitable Content
  • Help people with charitable efforts – while bringing you brand value
  • Create new opportunities to engage and drive sharing velocity “earned media”

Lifestyle ContentKlout

4) Raise Your Klout Score

  • Social influence rating like Klout is becoming accepted and is influencing behaviorsKlout Score
  • Media exposure drives credible inbound links, can also be used in 1:1 sales and showcased on your website
  • Blog post authorship is important in Google algorithms for social search. 
  • By being followed by more influential people, you can raise your score
  • Premium RIA Stands For You content can enhance Schwab RIAs’ impact and raise your Klout score!

Are you ready for the “new marketing”?  We can get you up and running with smart digital strategies. Here are two options:

  1. Register for a Revenue Performance Diagnostic
  2. Schedule a 1/2 hour complimentary consultation here!


This is Part IV of our Wealth Advisor Marketing series “Digital is the New Marketing.” Links to the first three in the series provided below.

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