Incorporate a content strategy to drive value for your audience while impacting Internet search visibility.

I was speaking with Byron White, the CEO of Idea Launch and LifeTips, today about the business impact of Content Marketing. Byron is a leader in online media and content marketing. He has been CEO of – a leading content site similar to – for about 10 years.  Byron outlined his vision for leadership in content marketing using his service called WordVision.

Content Marketing is an emerging business segment of serious interest and focus among leaders in Internet Marketing. We are familiar with how social media marketing centers on conversations and relationships with audiences. Web 2.0 and social media is about an “architecture of participation” where conversations happen around meaningful content. Social Media outposts and content marketing drives brand awareness and ultimately new revenue conversion. As a user, I realize my intent through search. I use key word phrases in search engines and click on organic (and sometimes paid) results. Typically, I click though one of the top several results from these searches rather than scroll through the list – though I am always looking for credibility in the link. Marketers need to gain a position at the top of these organic lists.

We understand that about 85% of search engine optimization (SEO) is driven by the inbound links to your site from your presence in the broader Mediasphere. Content on your own web site is also critical to address audience intent and to drive organic visibility. Your content strategy should consider both your own web content that you control, the content that you syndicate across the social web, and the infuence you can have on the broader conversations in the mediasphere. Unfortunately, it is diffiult to predict what users want and to respond with the content they seek.

So, how can you optimize your content strategy to deliver the impact you seek?

The answer is to take content seriously and optimize around what users want! Byron’s WordVision tool is a service to enable this. This is the first tool of its kind to evaluate content and the impact that you can have in addressing audience intent. Check out the video below to learn more about how clients are using WordVision: