Tuesday, Aug 10, 2010
06:30 PM – 09:00 PM Eastern

This session was facilitated by John Stone and Nan Hill.

Today’s businesses can achieve a smarter relationship management strategy by embracing new media and effective web presence. However, without a well-defined blueprint, these strategies may fail to deliver the impact envisioned. In this workshop, we explore the rationale for a strong web presence including social media, content and inbound marketing and also discuss practical steps businesses can take to build a Revenue Architecture Blueprint in digital media. Topics that will be covered are:

  • How is social media and web presence changing the sales and marketing model?
  • How should businesses use social media and content marketing to build relationships?
  • What are the critical dimensions of the new revenue architecture?
  • How can you design a revenue architecture that is tailored to your business?

Here is the Slideshare from the event:

The New Revenue Engine In The Age Of Digital Marketing

John Stone will be a panelist at the PLANADVISER National Conference scheduled September 21, 2010.

More information can be found here: https://www.planadviser.com/PANC2010/

Topic: Technology and the Modern Adviser

How to use social media, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and blogs to better promote yourself and your practice.


  • Jaime Benedetti, Owner/Financial Advisor, Benedetti, Gucer & Associates (Ameriprise)


  • Jim Stueve, President, Ridgeworth Investments
  • John C. Stone, III, Founder and President, Revenue Architects
  • T Henry Yoshida, Retirement Plan Advisor, The Maresh Yoshida 401k Group


John Stone spoke at the Charles Schwab Impact2010 for a second year. At this event, John led two sessions on digital presence and social media as well as hosted guests for informal presentations at the cyber lounge on the main floor:

  • One session was focused on emerging digital trends and social media explore ways an RIA firm can use social media and web presence effectively for growth and relationship development. John presented a “Day-in-the-life” of an advisor engaging social media naturally to drive and extend relationships.
  • A second session focused on the emerging trends in web digital media and explored ways that an RIA can plan and build a Revenue Architecture to deepen and expand relationships with existing clients.


Event Date: September 29, 2010

Time:   1:00 pm ET (12:00 pm CT, 11:00 am MT, 10:00 am PT)
Length:   1 hour 30 minutes


Attend this teleconference and learn how to diagnose and score current digital/web presence. You will be able to identify steps to build an effective experience taking advantage of the latest web 2.0 features. This teleconference will teach you how to apply a top-down messaging model to craft positions along the ‘long tail’ and organize communications to reinforce your brand. Gain a better understanding of the role of integrated marketing campaigns to syndicate content into the market with tools like webcasts, videos, articles, podcasts and PR promotion. Learn how mapping the level of social media presence fits specific practice strategies and understand how these tools can help you build new multigenerational relationships.

See more information at: https://www.lorman.com/teleconference/teleconference.php?sku=386424

Continuing Education Units

CFP (Pending)
Additional credit may be available upon request. Contact Lorman at 866-352-9540 for further information.

Speaking with NAPFA at the Bentley University Campus

John Stone and Kristen Luke (via Skype from San Diego!) spent the morning with a group of financial advisors as part of their monthly program.

We discussed the landscape of new marketing including the key elements and concepts that drive the adoption on digital marketing strategies. We also took a tour of the “tools of the trade” and discussed ways that advisors are using social media today. Finally we discussed the call to action – how to get started with social media and new marketing.  Our new program: Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors is launching this Spring and offers advisors an opportunity for hands on workshops to build their web presence – social media, content development and website strategy.

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I connected with iMedia about a speaking role at the Financial Services Marketing Summit in New York on October 15.  I will give a short talk to explore proposed solutions to the question of “how to operate your digital marketing in a way that doesn’t lose all of the personal touch you have with your customers offline.” We will use a fictional banking case study/scenario. I will then join a group of other “problem solvers” on stage with Jay Livingston, SVP, Global Marketing, Bank of America and two other brand marketers to discuss the problem, proposed solutions, and get the audience involved in a town hall type of format.


Here is the abstract from the event web site – maybe we will see you there.

The Bottom Line for Digital in Financial Marketing


Welcome to iMedia’s Financial Marketing Summit—now in its third year—where you can join more than 100 senior marketing executives from a broad range of financial service companies, as well as their agency partners, as they spend full day exploring the digital marketing opportunities and challenges for this important sector of the online marketing industry.

Now more than ever, marketing executives for financial services companies are focused on strategies that deliver the maximum ROI. Digital is unquestionably a leading direct-response and lead-gen powerhouse. In a financial environment where trust and stability are key components of a consumer’s decision-making process, however, marketers are looking to deploy the full-range of targeted branding options within the digital environment, not to mention ensuring they’re part of the social media digital fabric being woven by their customers every day.

iMedia’s Financial Marketing Summit is a one-day immersive experience to gain insights into these challenges. And it’s FREE to financial marketing executives and their agency partners!

I will write a more complete debrief from my experience as a speaker on Social Media for Advisors and engaging with attendees and colleagues at Schwab’s Impact 2009 conference. It was a great event – very well run – and also well attended by Schwab’s registered investment adivsor community.  While there, I was able to have a catch up with Kristen Luke. Kristen attended my talk and also provided me some insights from her current projects. Below is a summary of her lessons from the conference and here is a link to the blog post.

  • Lesson #1: The more channels a client uses to interact with his or her advisor, the higher his or her satisfaction with that advisor.
  • Lesson #2:  100% of High Net Worth individuals ask their CPA for a referral to a financial advisor.
  • Lesson #3: Become better at dating your prospects.
  • Lesson #4: Web 2.0 helps with organic search engine optimization.
  • Lesson #5: There are tools available to make it easier for social media to comply with SEC and FINRA rules.

Kristen Luke is a Revenue Architects colleague and the Principal of Wealth Management Marketing, a firm dedicated to providing marketing strategies and support for financial advisors. Kristen works with independent advisors to develop effective marketing plans and provides the back office support required to implement the strategies.

My slides are posted on slideshare.

Pat Lynch from Women’s Radio interviewed me last week about developing revenue architectures using Internet Marketing and Social Media strategies. I first met Pat at the Gilbane Conference in San Francisco.  Pat is the Editor-in-Chief and Host of “Speak Up!” Speak Up! invites women, and also men, who “speak” to women in terms of their values, their goals and their strong sense of community, to address issues, opportunities and successes that need to be heard by a larger audience of women leaders.

Here is the link to the interview. The topics we discussed were relevant to women owned businesses – and also apply to businesses of all sizes:

  • Authentic Marketing – don’t just optimize your website with SEO (Search Optimization) but approach your strategy in an authentic way – deliver real value for your target audience through focused content, tools and information.
  • Audience Relationship Management – go beyond “CRM” and outbound “interuption” marketing and engage your target audience through awareness and capture inbound audience intent with search visibility
  • Using Social Media – extend your presence beyond your website by engaging in social media presence to drive visibility
Thanks, Pat!



Per request, I am sharing 2009 Impact  presentation here.


I have just returned from a terrific two day visit with OPEI at the Reynolds Plantation in Greensboro, GA.

I was speaking there on Social Media and Web 2.0. (Presentation below). OPEI is an intimate Association who’s members are both competitors and friends – they come together each year for a few days of learning and social activities at some of the finer venues across the US.

This was a chance to speak with leaders in Outdoor Equipment Manufacturing. A key focus they have is on advocating their message as a strong contributor to our both our economy and as facilitator of a green environment through their critical role in grass cutting and turf care – did you know grass is #2 behind trees as the top carbon-reducing natural asset? See the Slideshare presentation here…