Designing and launching a B2B sales campaign is a continuous activity for B2B sales and marketing teams. To illustrate this, we developed a Closed-Loop Marketing Architecture that describes the continuous campaign process. Data insights help determine the new customer messaging and personalized interactions resulting in better sales conversions.  The process tightly aligns marketing and sales teams to orchestrate buyer engagement at each stage and maximize lead conversions and ultimately revenue impact. Data and insights from past campaigns drive new segmentation and new messaging, spawning new campaigns.

A campaign involves the design, launch and optimization of experiences across multiple channels. It will engage customers and prospects at each stage of the buying lifecycle. So what are the elements in an effective B2B campaign design? These 10 questions can help cover the bases for your next B2B sales campaign. 

  1. What is the program strategy and goals? Are we targeting accounts? people? What realistic metrics are we expecting to achieve?Revenue Programs
  2. Who is the target audience specifically and the persona we plan to engage and what does the data tell us about these segments?
  3. What are the buyer steps – the lifecycle – that these personas will go through to engage with us (e.g. awareness stage, consideration stage, decision stage)?
  4. What channels will we use? How do we get in front of these target personas?  Web, social, channel partners, affiliates, marketplaces?
  5. What is the inbound / outbound mix?  How will we orchestrate the relationship from end to end?
  6. What content and in what format will we use at each stage of the buying lifecycle?  What format, with what branding and design?
  7. What derivative content can we create from the primary content to add leverage and amplification to our program?
  8. How will we produce the content (copy development, creative, editing, approvals, etc.)?
  9. What automation and systems do we need to make this happen (marketing automation, landing pages, social media, affiliate services?)
  10. What is the plan? Who is responsible for what and what is the timeline we are working on?


These 10 questions can help teams focus on the task: to design and build an effective B2B closed-loop marketing and sales campaign. If you need help with your growth strategy or B2B sales campaign, visit our Revenue Programs page to learn more.



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